Benefits Of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Benefits Of Early Orthodontic Treatment
Posted on 08/16/2018

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, it’s recommended that you take your kids to go see an orthodontist for an evaluation by the age of 7. The purpose of the evaluation is to see if your child needs early orthodontic treatment, which is designed to guide the development of their smile. However, many adults who never went through orthodontic treatment while they were young were still able to get treatment later to create a healthy smile, so it’s only natural to wonder if early orthodontic treatment is necessary. 

While it’s true that adults can get orthodontic treatment, early orthodontic care for kids is very different since it precedes the process of straightening teeth with appliances like braces or Invisalign. To understand the benefits that early orthodontic treatment provides your kids so they can have a brighter smile down the road, your local West Palm Beach, FL orthodontic experts here at Lunsford McCaffrey Orthodontics created this simple guide. Check out the information below to learn about the benefits of early treatment!

Preventing Oral Health Issues Before They Happen

The focus of early orthodontic treatment is on the development of your child’s smile, which is why the first evaluation is recommended at age 7. At this age, their adult teeth are only just starting to develop, which is when the first signs of issues with the bite or alignment of the jaw start to show themselves. The evaluation allows the doctor to start a treatment plan that can prevent those issues from progressing, which could cause other oral health issues or make the alignment of the teeth more difficult to fix in the future. 

One example of a type of early orthodontic treatment is a palatal expander, which is an appliance that is used to adjust the width of the jaw, creating more space for the teeth to erupt more naturally and prevent severe crowding or misalignment. The type of early treatment that your child will need depends on their personal oral health, but their orthodontist will make sure that they recommend the proper treatment for your child. 

Shorter & More Comfortable Treatment Later

The other main benefit for early orthodontic treatment is that it paves the way for easier treatment to straighten teeth with braces or Invisalign. Since bite issues and misalignments were already corrected during early treatment, the teeth are often not as crooked compared to patients that never had early treatment. Not only will your kids feel more comfortable when wearing their braces or Invisalign aligners, but the amount of time that it will take to achieve their perfectly aligned smile will be shorter. 

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