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DIY Braces - NOT Recommended by Your Orthodontist
Posted on 05/02/2017

DIY Braces - NOT Recommended by Your Orthodontist

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) teeth straightening has blown up on social media recently. Online videos show adolescentes using elastic bands, dental floss, fishing line, and other materials to devise ways to straighten their teeth at home. As your local orthodontist serving the West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach areas, Dr. Lunsford and his team strongly discourage attempts to straighten teeth without seeking the professional service of an orthodontist.

DIY Braces

The Dangers of DIY Teeth Straightening

DIY teeth straightening poses multiple dangers to those who attempt to do so.

  • Introducing foreign objects into your mouth that are not made specially for oral use can cause infection. Objects used to straighten teeth can get stuck in gums, damage the roots of teeth, and damage teeth beyond repair. Plus, these objects can introduce a choking hazard as well.

  • Trying to straighten teeth without the knowledge of how teeth, jaw, and bite alignment all work together can cause more harm than good to your overall health.

  • Overall, DIY teeth straightening methods can cause damage so serious that repairs could cost thousands of dollars more than the cost of seeking professional orthodontic treatment in the first place.

Visit Your Boynton Beach Area Orthodontist For Professional Orthodontics

Lunsford Orthodontics advises you to seek professional treatment if your aim is straighter teeth and a healthy smile. Our orthodontist will create a customized treatment plan based on your orthodontic needs that will gradually move your teeth into an alignment that’s healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Your treatment plan will use either braces or Invisalign, both proven and safe methods for aligning teeth and correcting bite, to help you achieve your best smile. Dr. Lunsford’s experience and expertise has allowed him to treat countless patient cases that resulted in brilliant, healthy, and new smiles. If you’d like a better smile, don’t try to get it at home! Let a professional do it and contact your local orthodontist to book an appointment with us. We’ll ensure your orthodontic treatment is safe, efficient, and gives you your healthiest smile! ​​