Safe Halloween Candy To Eat With Braces

Safe Halloween Candy To Eat With Braces
Posted on 10/18/2018
Halloween Candy Pumpkin BucketAt Lunsford McCaffrey Orthodontics, our braces patients know that they should avoid sticky foods like candy, but can they still enjoy Halloween and all the sugary sweets that go along with the holiday? Dr. Lunsford and Dr. McCaffrey are proud to be the leading providers of orthodontic care for patients throughout Palm Beach County, offering braces, Invisalign, and a wide array of other orthodontic treatments. We recommend our braces patients to enjoy the following sweet treats for Halloween:


If you love the silky, smooth goodness of chocolate, you’ll be thrilled to know it is completely safe to eat with braces. Most chocolate candies are soft and don’t require a hard or crunchy bite. The only thing you should be cautious about is chocolate covered caramel, which is very sticky and chewy, and any chocolate with nuts that requires you to take a bite.

Soft Cookies

We know it’s not candy, but soft cookies are becoming more popular to pass out for Halloween, whether in individually wrapped bags, or served homemade at Halloween parties! Chewy cookies are usually fine, but watch for the crunchiness and stay away from overcooked or hard cookies.

Hard Candy--But No Chewing!

Other hard Halloween candies are acceptable with braces, but only if you NEVER chew or bite on the candy. You may suck on hard candies with no issues, but as always, it is best to use caution when eating any hard or sticky candy with braces.

Try Ice Cream or Milkshakes!

If you’d rather avoid all the Halloween candy hype, but still want to enjoy a sweet treat with your braces, ice cream and milkshakes are totally safe for braces patients, as they are super soft! 

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As with all sugar, it’s best to consume it in moderation. Enjoy the sweet Halloween treats listed above, but don’t overdo it! Too much sugar is bad for your teeth and gums and can cause cavities. At Lunsford McCaffrey Orthodontics, we are committed to providing only the highest quality orthodontic care for our patients. If you have any questions related to what to eat with braces, we encourage you to reach out to us at our contact page. You can also fill out our handy online form to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!
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