Surviving The Holidays With Braces

How to Survive The Holidays With Braces
Posted on 12/01/2019
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How to Survive The Holidays With Braces

One of the best things about the holidays is celebrating with delicious food and drink! This is the time we get to really indulge in our favorite savory meals, salty snacks, and sweet desserts. However, whenever you’re going through an orthodonticHolidaysWithBraces treatment like wearing braces, you need to be extra careful about taking care of your West Palm Beach orthodontist’s work. Thankfully, Dr. Joseph Lunsford and Dr. Kevin McCaffrey are here to give you awesome tips to do the trick this holiday season!

Planning Your Holiday Meal Dos & Don’ts

Whenever you’re getting ready to sit at the dinner table and serve yourself some food, be thoughtful of the things you’re choosing to fill up on your plate. We recommend staying away from hard foods like crunchy nuts or large pieces of vegetables like carrot sticks. If you see ingredients like these used, unless they’re finely chopped, we fear that biting into something like this will cause you to pop an orthodontic wire or loosen a dental bracket. This is also the reason to avoid foods that you would normally bite into. Celery sticks, apples, turkey legs, etc. are hard foods that could cause serious damage to your orthodontic hardware when you bite into them. Instead, we feel it’s best to serve yourself soft foods like cooked pasta and mashed potatoes or to take the time and cut your foods into small bite sized pieces. Also, when it’s time to get dessert, choose something like puddings, cakes, or ice cream. These are non-sticky dishes that are safe to bite down on as they don’t cause pressure to your teeth or braces.

Cleaning Your Braces In Between Meals

Maintaining the cleanliness of your mouth in between meals is very important for those who wear orthodontic braces. It’s necessary to not allow foods to sit in between your teeth and your braces’ wires. Be sure to carry floss (they make special ones for people who wear braces!), antibacterial mouthwash, topical fluoride (like Phos-Flur), interdental brush (like Proxabrush), and toothpaste wherever you go. This sort of practice shouldn’t be done just around the holidays when you’re indulging in your meals—this kind of upkeep should be practiced throughout your entire orthodontic treatment. We suggest keeping a little bag with these tools with you at all times so you can clean your mouth on the go!

Remember Your Dental Appointments!

If you’d like to ensure that your treatment works well and stays on schedule, you must keep up with your appointments with your orthodontist! This treatment is a two-way street—both you and your orthodontist have to work together to achieve your smile goals promptly! These appointments aren’t just regular check-ups. They include adjustments to your braces and additional cleaning that is hard to do by yourself at home. This is also the time to take advantage of visiting your orthodontist to get more tips on how to further your treatment along. Our staff will try to help you by reminding you to come to your appointments, but at the end of the day, you’ll have to make the trip down to our office yourself!

Contact The Best Orthodontist In West Palm Beach!

Now that you’re armed with tips for the holiday season, we feel confident that you’re ready to take on the feasts that are coming your way! If you’re feeling unsure about certain traditional dishes, however, or there’s a dish that you want to sample but want to check in with the doctors first—don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be here to assist you with any dental and orthodontic questions. Happy Holidays!

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